Sustainable Lifestyle

How to Achieve a Sustainable Lifestyle

An Article Written in the Master Builders’ Association Magazine

Being responsible stewards of our land and natural resources should be the primary goal of every land developer.” – Merle Ash

MerleHonoredI am passionate about designing and advocating for livable, green communities using the advancements in knowledge, technology and the principles of sustainability when it comes to planning and engineering.

I am proud to promote achieving this sustainability by using “LID”, or Low Impact Development. “LID”( a term used by the United States and Canada) is, basically put, a way of land planning, engineering and development that focuses on emphasizing conservation as it applies to the management of stormwater and the protection of our water quality.

I am honored and humbled to have The Master Builders’ Association write an article about the work I so strongly believe in and work towards…the more we understand, the more committed to creating a sustainable lifestyle we become and the closer we are to realizing it.

Merle Ash has been a valued participant in the ongoing constructive relationship, and he seeks to bring everyone together to bring about projects that are beneficial not only to private sector business interests but also to the community at large.” – Jon Nehring Mayor of Marysville

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