Low Impact Development

What is Low Impact Land Development

LandDevelopment-LandechnologiesLow Impact Development (LID) basically describes land planning, engineering and development as it applies to stormwater runoff management, and is a term used by the United States and Canada. Its focus is emphasizing conservation that protects our water quality

Being responsible stewards of our land and natural resources should be the primary goal of every land developer. And that is why the LID principles are so important and should be adhered to.

A key factor to good land management and protecting the natural environment is the proper management of water, specifically stormwater runoff, which can erode, flood and destroy the landscape.

The Basics of LID

Simply put, the simple and effective methods focus on integrating natural, native landscape with ways that eliminate much of the runoff as opposed to directing excess water into the storm drains that so many communities use.

Even the cultures of old used this type of natural water cycling concept using water gardens that were not only beautiful and relaxing, but were very functional as well.

LID Objectives

  • WaterGarden-LandTechnologiesProtect the environment by conserving natural areas
  • Minimize disturbance of the landscape
  • Develop good drainage pathways
  • Re-create the natural cycling of water while maintaining the runoff rate with the goal of not letting stormwater leave the site
  • Develop natural ways to detain and infiltrate excess water
  • Manage stormwater, not as disposal, but rather an opportunity to beautify the environment as well as eliminate excess water close to its source.
  • Exercise pollution prevention practices

Not only are the LID principals effective, beautifying and beneficial to the environment, but they are more cost-effective than the approach of conventional stormwater systems because it requires fewer underground pipes and infrastructure.

The beauty of using LID is that we rely on the earth’s natural processes for water management, which reduces the impact of land development on the ecology. It not only benefits and protects the environment, but mankind and wildlife as well. Oftentimes, erroneously, humans think they can do a better job than “Mother Nature”, but they soon find out they’re not!

The future of the earth is in our hands.

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