Green Infrastructure

What is the Concept of Green Infrastructure?

Image of Green infrastructure is good land management - Land TechnologiesThe idea of green infrastructure began in the mid 1990s in the United States, highlighting the importance of making wise decisions in order to lessen our impact on our natural environment in regards to land development.

More and more people are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned for healthy soil and water conditions, as they realize how they have an impact on us, and in return, how we have an impact on them.

It is our responsibility to exercise good stewardship over our natural resources as we develop new areas for business and living.

Green infrastructure programs

EPAManagement-LandTechnologiesIn the United State, these programs are managed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), with a large focus on quality of water as related to better management of stormwater runoff.

The goal is to reduce over use and stress on existing  storm sewer systems and plan for better systems going forward, by recognizing what nature has to offer our human environment, and what our impact on the environment is.

Restoring Wetlands

Image of Restore Wetlands for proper land management - Land TechnologiesOne of the important things we can do to impact green infrastructure is to take care of and restore our natural wetlands.

  •  A wetland is an area where water either covers the surface of the ground or is very near to the surface. These areas used to be thought of as wastelands, but are now recognized as important natural resources.
    • Wetlands not only contain, improve the quality of water, and slow water movement, but they provide valuable resources and quality living for wildlife.

It used to be federal policy to drain wetlands and turn them over for cultivation:

  • Rivers and streams were deepened to accommodate water that was being channeled from these areas.
  • Farmers drained wetlands to allow for crops.
  • Developers filled wetlands to allow housing and business.
  • Loggers clear cut trees in wetlands to use for timber.

Since the 1970’s people have begun to realize how important our wetlands really are to us, and how, when we disturb or clear them, the environment is impacted with runoff, flooding, loss of beauty, and habitat for wildlife.

The goal to restore wetlands is to reestablish them as close to possible as they were previous to being touched by human hands.

Land Technologies is a leader in the area of designing sustainable and livable communities. Our mission and specialty is planning and engineering “green” communities that promote the use of Low Impact Development (LID)

 The future of the earth is in our hands.

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