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Can LID (Low Impact Development) Improve Curb Appeal?

Image of Curb Appeal can be improved using LID - Land TechnologiesThe June 2012 issue of “Professional Builder” magazine had an interesting article on Exterior Design Trends. It was more a sharing the results of a survey from home buyers on what they look for when looking for a home and selecting exterior design features for that new home.

They had a list of about 11 different items under a buyer consideration category. Of the 11 items, 76.6% of the respondents to the survey stated curb appeal as the number one consideration with energy efficiency second.

Curb Appeal and Low Impact Development

Curb appeal is a great secondary benefit of using Low Impact Development (LID) for stormwater management.

  • Instead of spending too much on vaults or unattractive fenced detention ponds, your money is working double time when spent on LID features for managing stormwater.
  • You are likely spending less on LID features than a vault in the first place, but that cost is also buying you landscape features.
  • The landscape feature of LID can place your stormwater management in buffer areas and in recreational open space which makes double use of valuable real estate.

Real Life Examples of LID

Image of Curb Appeal can be improved using LID - Land TechnologiesThe photo at the top of the page is taken from the public road looking through the landscape buffer which also serves as a Bio-Retention Pond.

The developer was able to double the use of the real estate by putting the stormwater management features in the landscape buffer and the builder’s dollars bought curb appeal with stormwater management dollars.

This project was able to put 53 single-family fee-simple lots/homes on 1.8 acres using all Low Impact Development. By combining roads, paths, landscape buffers and recreational open space areas with stormwater management, valuable real estate was reserved for “product”.

Image of LID providing beautiful curb appeal - Land Technologies

All the front yards seen in the bottom two photos are also providing stormwater management.

These are small front yards on a single-family detached unit lot project and again, the builder’s dollars spent on stormwater management provided “free” landscape and great curbside appeal. These units sold out in 2007 while similar projects sat vacant for several years.

LID can provide curb appeal.

Per “Professional Builder”, curb appeal is the number one buyer consideration when evaluating exterior options. LID can work for your project.

If you’re a builder or land developer, Contact Merle at Land Technologies for the latest in Low Impact Development Strategies

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